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Number One Wedding Day Tip



Today, I’m going to write about my Number One Wedding Day Tip. I know it won’t be what you’re expecting because it has NOTHING to do with photography.

My number one wedding day tip is to plan time for NOTHING. My heart is already breaking for all of the brides who will skim past this and ignore the importance of this crucial tip.

ALL OF THE BEST weddings Clynn and I have been to included a period of time where our couples just hung out casually with their best friends or on their own individually, or as a couple. No fidgety family members, no wedding planner ushering you about. No stress. Minimal photos (though I think you should still have SOME!). No “WHAT’S NEXT?!” every two seconds.

These fast flowing moments of your wedding day will happen, and they can be the most wonderful whirlwind when executed well.

However, If your entire day only consists of this “what’s next” mentality, you will find your self in total shock at the end of the day. “What happened?” “Where did the day go?!” COMBINED WITH the possible “Do I get to relax yet??” when you still have two hours scheduled at the venue.

I hate when my brides feel this way ALL DAY.

Remember, it’s you and your spouses big day. You need to protect your ability to REMEMBER and ENJOY it.



Our number one favorite way to do this is to have an intimate “After Party”. Plan to end the reception around 8:00-10:00. Then, head to the woods/beach for a bonfire with just the bridal party or your closest friends. People you can 100% be yourselves with and unwind from the day. Change into something Comfy. Make it somewhere you can stay. No time limits, no requirements. Just drinks, leftover cake, memories, and friends.

Jenny & Lyle Ocean Shores After Party March 2017 ♥

Another way is to plan a couple hours to go with your closest friends to brunch before the wedding. This leaves time for more intimate toasts, stories, and beautiful memories of slowing down and eating amazing food before you’re back to back greeted by sweet wedding guests while trying to eat dinner.

If you find you’re more of the introverted bride who prefers time alone or maybe you don’t have many close friends you feel at ease with, schedule a couple of hours to go shopping and to coffee in the morning. With your single best friend, your groom (if you’re not superstitious), or your closest family member; talk about everything. Take a moment to relax and prepare your heart for the day rather than waking up and getting straight to hair and makeup. Make a simple purchase. A memento to remember the calm and beautiful morning before you said “I DO” by.

Des & Sidney December 2018. Unplanned window where the bridal party + closest family casually enjoyed coffee and snacks downtown Seattle. ♥

There is time.

In life, and on wedding days, we make time for what is most important to us. I’m telling you, this minimum two hour long window is worth every effort to make sure that it happens at some point on your big day.

We took our sweet time after the ceremony on these blue hour portraits. ♥

Sincerely, Jaclynn

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