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Pastel Bridal Shower Brunch



“Marissa’s Bridal Shower Brunch” was a super fun collaborative styled shoot at The Five2Five in Buckley, Washington. Check out our last styled shoot with a different team at the same venue HERE.

Knowing it was at the start (or in the middle) of wedding season for every one, we made sure to keep the time short and shoot for some quick pretty photos while respecting every vendors time and resources! In the past we’ve taken as much time as an actual wedding for styled shoots!

There are some things I wish I had done differently. The color palette and style of this bridal shower was very bright and light. However, as you may already know, I can be a pretty “dramatic” photographer in my default go-mode. I photographed this brunch like a romantic evening dinner party and definitely should have requested the brunch table be brought closer to the doors for softer natural light or brought a second B10 with a large shoot through umbrella for more light. Another way would have been to turn on all the lights and use gel on my flashes for more ambient light.

I am grateful for this hindsight. This is what styled shoots are for, people!! If you don’t have an after action review that includes a few things you’d do differently you probably didn’t learn anything. Moving forward, I’ll be looking to match the style more closely with my light. Always a little extra drama but I’ll try and meet the theme and design on my personal “drama” scale more closely.

Overall, we had a great time, got some fun photos, and made new friends along the way! I hope these photos inspire more women to have bridal showers with their closest friends. Maybe slide your bridal shower into an evening bachelorette party for a full day of FUN! The season of planning and preparing for a wedding can be a lot of work. Don’t forget to make more time for fun as you go.

Here is our amazing team!

Venue, Design | @thefive2five
Coordination, Design | @penniesevents
Photography | @jaclynnwilkinson
Videography | @bluestellarproductions_
Stationery | @honest.calligraphy
Bartending |@beerlybelovedbartending
Desserts | @ksapothecakery
Ice Cream | @blisstacoma
Catering | @cjsdeliandcatering
Rentals | @cortpartyrental
Florals | @shadyvinesfloco & @flower.fayes
Balloons | @smashbabysmash
Transportation | @laketappslimo
Make-up | @meganrootmakeup
Hair | @bangssalonsumner
Dresses | @bellaellaboutique


Pastel Bridal Shower Brunch

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