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Photo Props and Cake Pops



While I was compiling the final plan for Mom & Me photos with my boys, I came up with the phrase “Photo Props and Cake Pops” as the theme for our photos this year. After I said it out loud, I knew I had to share the idea with other local Mommas!

So, I hopped on Instagram exactly ONE WEEK before V-Day and let everyone know I’d open Mom & Me sessions in the studio, providing photo props and cake pops, THAT SUNDAY!!!

I’m so happy Karissa and her family were able to make it!! Karissa is Clynn’s cousin. We were able to get photos of all four cousins before she left, too!

Photo props were pulled from a wedding photo-booth prop set from Target! I just pulled out Valentine’s Day applicable ones and we blew up a ton of pink and red balloons. Everything worked out perfectly!

I photograph families very different to couples and weddings! Especially families with really young kiddos. I take more of a photo-journalistic seat and try to control less by creating a fun environment for them. Then, I mostly watch them interact with their surroundings and click all the cute natural moments.

I’ll save the “everyone looking at the camera” photo for when it feels easy and not forced! Often times, young ones will pick up on the pressure of a posed photo and not recognize the expectation or emotion and get fussy as a result of new-to-them energy. I find saving that expectation for when they’re older much better for every one!

This is post 2 of 5 from Valentine’s day photos! Stay tuned…

THANK YOU, Colledge Family!!

Photo Props and Cake Pops

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