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Welcome to THE STUDIO — & PRINT LAB!!!

On February 1, 2020 we finally shared the secret we had been keeping and prepping for several months in the making!!!

We left our Little Blue Studio and moved into a 2 Office + Bathroom 900 Square Foot Studio and Print Lab!

I’ll do another post, soon, talking about the renovations we did, but for now, I’ll share the story I shared on Instagram on Feb. 1st.

Okay, Okay, Okay. Who’s ready for a tour & explanation? This is my half of the building. We’re Neighbors with a caterer!

Should we go in??

JOKES! Let’s check out the front terrace first.

And him. Just Kidding. He’s mine. But he’ll photograph you. 😂

Six months ago, I drove by this building. Something in me said it was meant for me. I continued to drive by (several times a week) just to be near it. It wasn’t for lease…we actually came to find out recently, it had sat empty for over FIFTEEN YEARS…but one day…

I saw cars parked in the parking lot. So I parked as Clynn trailed me like “What’s going on?” I walked in. Guided by inspired action. “Hi, my name is Jaclynn. I am a wedding photographer. I want the space out front. Can I please rent it?”

They looked at me like “who TF is this lady??” As someone called for a man in a back office. He came out and said, “uuuuhhh, when do you want to move in? After the holidays?” In an out of body experience, I heard my mouth say, “Yes”.

I had NO CLUE what was in store for me. Why I was being guided. But I did know I was. So I cinched the company’s belt and we made it happen.

During the wait time…A new Passion and Mission was born.

Introducing: Love in Ink. A public access print shop.

Love in Ink. Public Access Print Shop.

We’ll do another blog post introducing the print shop, soon.

For more info, go directly to the website!

Okay, Let’s go in!

This is where I plan my days and surround myself with prints. There are more chairs off frame for when people come in for prints, meetings, or shoots.

This is where I get snacks!!! And lunch…and most dinners. 😅

This is my desk/print space where I’m sitting editing or standing at the printer 90% of the time I’m in the office.

These are our GIANT WINDOWS!!!! There’s a slightly bigger one on the other side of the door.

This is the designated shooting space!!! I shoot SOMETHING every Thursday and have already photographed several couples and families on this wall! It is just under 16 feet wide with 10 foot ceilings.

There’s a back office for book keeping and meditating that’s still under construction. I’ll share it right before wedding season, probably!

We’re so excited for this new adventure with !!! Follow that Instagram account for more info as it grows or keep an eye on the Love in Ink Blog.

WELCOME TO 2020 and a new chapter for this Studio + Print Lab!!!

1201 Porter Way

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  1. Maranda M Norton says:

    This place is absolutely beautiful and I can’t believe how you snagged it! It totally fits your vibe!


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