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Valentine’s Day 2020



Every year the week of Valentine’s Day the boys and I do a Valentine’s Day photoshoot! I’ll do a little round up of previous shoots in another blog post another time but here are our Mom & Me V-Day photos 2020!!!

This day, we did five different shoots in the studio! It was busy and crazy but so rewarding! ♥

We had hoped to be first in line for photos but a few errands had me running a little behind in the morning so we went fourth! By then, Clynn was so tired of trying to keep the boys “ready for photos” and I was a little burnt out of Clynn being burnt out. So, I told him, “Ten minutes. We won’t regret it.”

That’s right, this Mom & Me Session took 10-15 minutes MAX between us four. I think, sometimes Mom’s/families work up photos in their mind WAY too much. You really just all need to be together and happy. You don’t have to look perfect. Your hair can be a little crazy.

The most important thing, is loving on the people you love and letting the person holding the camera be there for it, too.

I have so many photos I cherish so much as a Mom & Wife that began with me saying, “Just TWO frames. Give me two frames and I’ll get what I want.” 99% of the time, we do. ♥ James even knows to count my clicks and hold me accountable. 😂

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY 2020, Friends, Clients, Family!!!

This February has been CRAZY AMAZING!!! I’m so excited for all the catch up on the blog we’ll be doing this upcoming week. We’ve been busy busy!!! ♥

A quick Kiddo Update

James: Turning FIVE YEARS OLD this month!!! We can’t believe this is our last year with him at home and 99% under our families influence before he starts school in the Fall!!! He loves French Fries, Minecraft, Running, Starbucks dates, and wants to be a Ninja when he grows up. “I’ll slice fruit with my hands!” He’s a pretty health conscious eater and already makes an effort to work-out on the regular. We’re so excited to see him in more sports! (Basketball next!)

Lio: Turned 3 in September so he’s 3.5 now! He pretty much just thinks about food and Minecraft every waking hour. He’s very snugly and ALWAYS hungry! He’ll be starting Karate soon!

Photography: Clynn | Edited by: The Studio (In this case, Me 😘)

Valentine’s Day 2020

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  1. Karissa says:

    Your photos turned out so cute!

  2. Emelia Moreno says:

    Your photos are so stunning. Very impressed. I love your work🙌😁

  3. Emelia Moreno says:

    Your photos are so stunning! I love your style of photography😁🙌


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