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Just another Pep Talk

The world is changing in crazy ways right now. I’m changing in crazy ways right now.

What is still the same? I’m so excited to photograph my couple’s weddings, I am head over heals in love with my family, I love having my own space to think and create.

I had a panic attack and deleted my Instagram account with over 3,000 followers and years of record for my company…Was it the right call? I don’t know…but it stopped the tears so I don’t regret it…right now…

Today, I am human. I’m strong. I am willing to do what others will not. I’m vulnerable in a place it feels safe and I’m done putting myself out there in a sea of people putting themselves out there. There’s something about my website that feels like my home. This is my territory and if you’re reading this, you’ve invited me…you’re not “accidentally” on paragraph four of a blog post, likely several clicks into the website. I find that comforting and worth while. Thank you, for being here and WELCOME! ♥

I refuse to believe there is only one way to make it. I refuse to believe there are only ten ways to make it. The Studio and everything I, my couples, and my family have built here will be okay. We will thrive. The Studio’s heart is still beating but it’s shifting. It’s scary and exciting. We’ve got this. I’ve got this.

Just another Pep Talk

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