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USPS Commercial Photographer

It’s official! I’ve added a “commercial” category to the blog. If someone had told me last year that I would be acting as a USPS Commercial Photographer the following year I….well I would have believed it. I’m so excited to finally be getting commercial work outside of Doordash!

I do have a (not-so) secret hope that my commercial work will open doors to editorial assignments or fashion photography. Being a commercial photographer for a dress designer would be a dream!

There is a myth floating around the trendy “professional picture taker” sphere that you have to specialize in one specific category of photography.


I believe that doing that can definitely help, in the beginning.

But once your calendar is full and you get all the work you want, or you’ve just straight up shot A TON, you begin to realize what makes different types of photography truly different. That river runs so much deeper than posing approaches or clientele.

The most esteemed photographers in the WORLD working for the biggest names possible, are shooting their own work or have multiple contracts consisting of different photography styles.

I am definitely new to the world of Commercial Photography. However, I’m settling in. There is definitely a need. I can’t wait to see what company lands in my inbox next!

USPS Commercial Photographer

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