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Seymour Botanical Conservatory



My first styled shoot of the year I designed to be a simple one. It would be in a new location with newlyweds Heidi and Michael. My goal was to try new posing, angles, crops, and test some new editing techniques. Lastly, I would test my ability to create clean light and highlight to shadow contrast with muddy light situations.

The Seymour Botanical Conservatory was the perfect location to try these things! I knew the plants would be beautiful. The location blends indoor and outdoor photography. I knew there would be green color cast everywhere and would need to shoot tactfully to be sure everything didn’t turn green.

Heidi and Michael were wonderful for this styled shoot. She and I have worked on projects together in the past. Heidi is used to and comfortable with my quirky work meets artist mode energy!

She is co-owner of Lipstick & Lattès Event Design and Rentals . Heidi and Rachel have an array of wedding details for rent. They can design a table spread like no one’s business!

Reach out if you have never created a beautiful table spread before. Know it is an acquired skill and not something you are likely throw together successfully with Pinterest inspiration alone. It might look great to someone who doesn’t know any different. However, professionally designed table spreads are the difference between Walmart and Chanel. I promise. It is well worth the investment to pull from your dress or catering budget for this service.

I’ll step down from my wedding design soap box now. 😉

THANK YOU to Heidi & Michael for being patient through a two hour long shoot! I am in love with these images and am happy you two are as well.

Fun Fact/Humble Brag: I have had an art collector express interest on one of these digital images (I won’t say which one right now) and we will see if the sale goes through in which case I will need to revoke it from my website and portfolio as they will be the new owners of the piece. I can say it is a faceless image…as well as one of my favorites I have ever created so the offer would have to be GOOD. 😉


Seymour Botanical Conservatory

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