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Birthday Month



This is the month that I turn 28 and I’m taking it pretty seriously.

Since the drop of “13 going on 30” I’ve always imagined my 30’s would be the most epic decade ever.

It would be the decade I discovered what problems life held beyond the financial.

My 30’s would be the decade of making decisions purely based off of what I WANTED to do…and not what I was limited by or what society thought I SHOULD do.

It would be my most sexy decade of no more pregnancy, consistency in lifestyle, whatever fashion I felt attracted to, and maybe I would finally know how to do my own hair and makeup…or at least pay someone else to do it. It would be the decade of “big kids” in sports and going to school while I hustled my insanely profitable dream career…

All of these things sound amazing but you know why I’m taking the approach of my 28th birthday so seriously?

Because I’m both insanely close…and so far from that being my every day reality. I’m close in that I know it is 100% possible and within me. Yet far, because I can see how much work it’s going to take to get there in time to enjoy it.

I’ve had days, even weeks of living that life! It’s a life many of us were told wasn’t possible. However, I’ve found that with a clear perspective, doing what you want and only what you want 100% of the time is possible. That doesn’t mean you don’t still have to do hard things. It means you do them for the greater good…because you are good and when it comes down to the equation all done up, you WANT to.

Weeks will pass living this lifestyle. Then, I get sucked back down by the unexpected. I know I am capable of breaking so many barriers. Especially the trivial ones of finance and freedom. My life is a dissonance of vibrational change this year…because I know what is possible.

I’ve once heard it said, “Hell is when you meet the person you could have become.”

Now let that sync in. Game face on yet?

Standing in the outer hall of the Parthenon recreation in Nashville, Tennesse.

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