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Sometimes I just need to…



Sometimes I just need to write.

As I sit reviewing my website, my colors, my wording, my images, I can feel a re-brand in the works. I don’t plan on shooting it from the rooftops, but you’ll notice. (see what I did there?)

It’s overwhelming to see all I want to change. Adding, taking away, new dreams that were always in the back of my mind pushing their way forward. It’s scary. It makes me feel crazy.

Have I gone mad?

I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I will tell you a secret, All the best people are.

Alice in Wonderland

Clynn and I are on an upswing and it’s insane. Our living situation is stable. We have more than we need and that’s growing. Every day, our dreams become more of a reality and where that can sound like bragging or something to applaud, it’s also terrifying.

We have more to lose. There’s more to put at risk in our entrepreneurial endeavors than ever before.

I’m so happy to have Clynn. He makes this all so…He brings safety to it. He’s a planner and I’m a do-er.

For now…I’m taking it one day at a time. The things we talk about are mind blowing and it is so hard to not feel like I’m holding us back constantly by not being able to do everything at once.

For now, dear reader, I hope you enjoy what’s about to happen. I hope you grab some popcorn or feel inspired to lace up your adventure shoes…whatever suits you best.

We’re shaking things up here at

“Jaclynn Wilkinson”

Studio of Fine Art

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