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Watch Out Washington…



I’m Back.

We sat in our secret garden last night. Bright as day at 8:00pm.

Clynn turned to Leo,

“It’s Momma’s turn now. Us Moon Boys better buckle in. It’s going to be a long crazy summer with our Sun People.”

Referring to James & I

I’m awake by 6:30am…because it feels right. I go to bed earlier….because I’m not in zombie mode. There is more smiling and better food choices. My biggest problem in life is not feeling like days are long enough, and that completely disappears late Spring/Summer.

My core is fire and my queen is back. ☀️

I prepare for seasonal depression every September and I have to say last winter was the best I’ve ever had…but now? It’s time to be ME by nature, and not me by force.

My wedding books are open for public booking, once again.

Watch out, Washington. I’m back.

Watch Out Washington

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