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The Best Day | Wooded A-Frame



The following is a day dream I’ve been developing for about six months. I have several of these set in different locations during different periods of my life. Others I have been dreaming for years, some just a few weeks.

I find these “day dreams”/meditations to be more like intricately defined goals.

After some internal conflict, I felt inspired to begin writing them down in public documentation.

I won’t forget the period in which I manifested them into existence. Others will know I was in charge of designing a life I loved.

Every defined goal day I publish has been reviewed and given a stamp of approval by Clynn. Why? Because we are a team. We want to know every time he fits into my story, it is a place he wants to be in. He does the same for me.

This “Best Day Ever” lands about year 2030 in the early Fall…

I drink coffee on wooden steps in front of a black A-frame in the woods. In the distance, my boys toss a football, throw playful punches, or forage for huckleberries. I stand to walk into our cute kitchen for a refill and find Clynn for a (Nearly R rated) smooch.

I take photos by our front A-Frame windows at 105 Degree angles. We spend every night deep in nature on a property no one really knows how to get to.

The boys are lovingly sent off to school with their driver. I head to my mini house/trailer office through a winding trail to blog, edit, and plan out the next shoot.

I’m wearing black jeans and a designer white T with Tory Burch flats because they make me feel abundant but still comfortable. My hair is magenta, long, and sleek. It’s pulled into a pony because I’m focused/in my happy place of creating something more beautiful than the day before.

I’ll snack on fresh figs, goat cheese, balsamic, and tiny splurge pieces of prosciutto (if I’m not vegan again). A lunch break rolls around and I head to our bath house. The green-filled pebble room fills with steam for hot yoga. I’ll have a tiny tattoo nearly no one knows about. My existence fills with joy and abundance as I prepare for my next photography/yoga retreat. I pray for my sons relationships at school.

Back to the A-Frame I walk to check in with Clynn. We finalize dinner plans before I head back to my office for round two of what I left off on. Clynn might come sit in my office and keep me company because he’s already finished his trading for the day.

I’ll wrap things up and we welcome the boys home. They tell us their plans for the week and we do what we can to support them.

We go to whatever practice the boys have and end with dinner at a restaurant. Our server welcomes us by name because we always tip big and are polite/always good for a laugh.

We go home and the boys head to their A frame next to ours. They play video games & maybe do homework.

Clynn and I walk out to our “secret spot” in the woods to sync with the moons cycle and talk about aliens/life/trips coming up/goals.

We head back home and up the spiral staircase to our cute simplistic white bedroom with pops of color from around the world.

It will be, was, and is the BEST day.

Our Fave A-Frame Concept. We plan to build ours very similarly to this Airbnb floating all over Pinterest.
I’m planning to bring Clynn as a surprise next Summer before we break ground on our own.

The Best Day |Wooded A-Frame

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