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Thursday: Recent work. Studio Portraiture.

Last week, my sister came over to put on a big flowy dress, have her hair and makeup done, and model late into the night.

When she showed up, we started catching up and never stopped. I decided to stick her in the lights, just as she was. She sat in cross lights, on a back drop, and we kept talking for about an hour. Between sentences, I managed to snap a few photos.

Next time I shoot, it will be for specific lighting techniques. A series of common ones known in the industry to create a variety of impact.

For now, I just want to see what I’m starting with.

I started using an Expodisc in studio. I’ll probably share more about that soon. It’s actually pretty easy to implement. It just sets your white balance for you to your custom surroundings for more accurate colors. It’s doing a great job!

I have been favoring my 70-200 allot lately. The compression, portraiture range, and quality is great. This is the one I use. We did allot of research before buying it over other brands. Tamron does a really great job with their 70-200. It’s been a reliable workhorse for The Studio over the years.

I also started using my MK III over my 6D more. I think I’m finally warming up to it. It took a while to get used to the size change, color difference, and navigation but I’m getting it.

I’ve decided to call my entry to studio portraiture my “Black Pandemic Predator” era. Sticking to the black back drop for a while feels right. Keeping the images raw and real feels right.

I look forward to recording my progress on the black back drop before switching it out.

Thanks for sitting in the hot lights, Deb! ♥

Studio Portraiture

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