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What if



5:20am. “Wake up beautiful yoga baby” My morning alarm reads. What if everything you ever wanted in life was riding on this?

Health, happiness, wealth, joy, aspirations, ability to love in the healthiest ways, and confidence rode on just one or two things you already suspect to be the key?

For me, it’s always been hot yoga and daily blogging. Since long before The Studio and photography. Long before children and multiple partners. Before divorce, heart wrenching break ups, shifting identity, and new adventures. These were always my suspicious, very available to me, keys to success I managed to energetically keep myself from.

For the last three or four weeks I’ve gone to Hot Yoga nearly every day. Sometimes twice a day. I left social media for my mental health and to double down on Pinterest and my website.

Writing here is such a comfort to me. I feel safe, at home, invited here.

I’m probably the most physically healthy I’ve ever been. I may be the most mentally healthy I’ve ever been. I’m hurt, and sad. I cry often and miss the most incredible people who care deeply for me. Whether distance or circumstance. Life is hard right now.

Maybe, life being hard is why I feel my mind and body don’t need to struggle right now. I’m surrendering to these simple keys to success. My heart needs an anchor, I believe in.

So, I’m not forcing anything. Not making any grand promises…but I have a feeling about this one. I have a feeling I’m about to find out some major lessons in the power of beliefs and energetics.

I’ll keep you posted.

What if

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