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Hello my photographer friends!

As many of you know, I started an intensive light course with Justin & Mary this year and am slowly investing in long term gear for SJP. I started my “Off Camera Flash” education with the cheapest of the cheap to just dive in and get started ASAP. Well, now I am slowly chipping away at better equipment!

The worst thing I “saved money” on when it comes to my lighting equipment was purchasing a crappy cheap light stand so it will be the first thing I replace with the best of the best!

Why NOT to buy a cheap light stand:

1.) LIABILITY. Cheap lightstands and big events like weddings DO NOT MIX. Their cheap structure and low weight causes them to fall over easily.

2.) If you like using a big umbrella to replicate more natural/golden hour light, it just won’t work with a cheap light stand. My light stand can barely stand up with my gorgeous big umbrella attached.

3.) HEIGHT. For ceremonies, you want the light to go over everyone’s heads or you’ll end up with a dimly lit ceremony and blown out guests. Even if your cheap lightstand has height, it doesn’t have structural integrity to keep said height SAFE.

With my intensive light course, I was presented with a list of lighting equipment. Justin listed his three top recommendations for each required item for the class. He labeled each recommendation “Best. Between. Budget” for three price options so people can get started at what ever level they need to or upgrade to the best as they can.

I’m taking my time to go down the list and only purchase the best! As I make each investment, I will be sure to hop in here and create a little blog post to add to the “What’s In My Bag” series. I hope it’s helpful for those of you getting ready to invest in some good lighting equipment!

SOOOO Excited about adding this 14lb beast of a lightstand that will never fall over to my forever gear!

Below are a handful of photos from my FIRST off camera flash wedding last Spring!


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