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Valentine’s Mom and Me

I was so happy Olivia and Mason decided to come to the Valentine’s Day Mom & Me Studio sessions!

Walking the trail RIGHT NEXT TO the studio with these two was my first time ever actually on the trail! Having this trail as a resource means anyone who comes to the studio for photos during the day, may also have the variety of indoor and outdoor photos. I suspected this would be the case, but didn’t really know until I asked Olivia & Mason if they’d walk with me for a little more variety! Suspicion CONFIRMED! I’ve now taken portraits on this trail twice and it is such a nice addition to the studio’s perks!

We also took some photos out on my terrace. It’s shaded for some even light on super sunny days and adds even more variety. I’m still learning to use that space perfectly. I am looking forward to putting a little table and chair out there this summer!

Olivia was my best friend in Gymnastics and middle school in sixth grade. She introduced me to the concept of modern Christian Worship. I went on to play in a worship band and be a youth leader age 15-18! I’m so grateful for the roll she played in introducing me to that culture. It helped me through my teen years so much! We hadn’t seen each other since I moved around age 14 so it was so fun to see her again. Us both now entrepreneurs and Mommas! ♥

Olivia is a special needs Mom and does a great job of sharing life with Mason to help people who aren’t exposed to special needs children understand and support their community better. I’ve learned so much watching her Instagram Stories. She has some pretty funny daily rants, too. I’ve come to call her Instagram Story, “The Liv Podcast”. She’s pretty long winded but great for keeping company in the back ground of editing. 😂 You can follow her on Instagram HERE.

Thank you so much for coming, Olivia & Mason. Looking forward to seeing you again, soon!

Valentine’s Mom and Me

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