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A Day Off



Written Yesterday:

“I’m taking the day 100% off tomorrow to be with my cute fam. I need to work on taking a day off a week. Still haven’t got that down, mid year six of being an entrepreneur.

Clynn goes back to work, Monday. The work hours are being re-adjusted! Emails & DM’s will be responded to, Sunday! It’s so funny. This is what PTSD looks like from a small business owner who had one client have an emergency the first time I ever took a day off. 99% of the time no one cares, but I care so so deeply for the 1% that I let it get in the way of how much I care for this fam of mine. Deep breath small business owners. If Covid taught us anything, let it teach us that your company can’t crumble overnight. It actually takes about two weeks.”

Insta Post 5/29/2020

There’s something about KNOWING you have the day off. There have been plenty of days where I wake up, am slow to get going, respond to messages and put out any fires, and mid-day decide to “take the day off”…it’s not nearly as regenerative as going to bed knowing you can sleep in…and waking up knowing you have nowhere to be. No, planning a day off is so different. A worthwhile endeavor.

I left both of my notebooks in the studio. My Day Designer and now, supplemental notebook are basically journals. I have so much going on in my head, I can’t stand to be away from them like most people are addicted to their phones. I need a private space to write and process ideas.

So, I drove to the studio to pick up my notebook. Knowing I have “the day off”, I started thinking, “Maybe I’ll just post a quick blog post”. “Maybe I’ll edit my private family photos!” “Maybe I’ll post a quick blog post to the print lab.”

There’s something about having the day off, that makes you realize what work brings you joy and peace…and what work brings stress.

The “work” I’m happy to do today is the work I’m in alignment with. It’s easy and fun when I know I don’t HAVE to do it. When I know it brings me and those around me value and joy.

This definitely has me thinking.

Cheers to a Saturday off, friends. Days off are rare come June. But planned days off? They won’t be. This has to stay.

Photos from the family camera. Many taken by James, Lio, & Clynn.

Interested in me hanging with your family for a few days to capture Photo-journalistic images of your family? reach out!

Interested in me hanging with your family for a few days to capture Photo-journalistic images of your family, reach out!

A Day Off

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