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King County Photography Studio

This was some of my first King County Studio Photography from February!

These were images from the Photo Props & Cake Pops event. The first photo event I held in the new studio in Milton, Washington.

When Betty reached out to see if I had another opening for them, it was for late in the evening! She was just getting Amelia from her Dad later in the afternoon so they needed an after-dark time slot. We went for it!

At the time, I didn’t have a backdrop or any studio lights set. We used the lighting installed by my landlord and I’m so happy with how bright it is in here without any assistance! I am grateful to have more lights now, though.

The event was for Valentine’s Day Mom & Me Photos, but I can ALWAYS be convinced to throw the whole family in. 🙂 I just consider my event titles to be themes more so than rules. Every year, I do Mom & Me photos with my boys for Valentine’s Day. It’s been the sweetest tradition for us and I’m so excited to offer it to local families, too!

I’ll definitely be wanting to do another Valentine’s Day photo event in 2021. I’m just not quite sure what I’ll want to do with it, yet! So many ideas. Definitely Mom & Me. Definitely treats…I think I might need to get a pink backdrop or do a flower wall next year!

We got a handful of great late night portraits and a graceful starting point to how much the studio is growing!

Thank you for trusting me with your precious family portraits, Betty, Sam, Amelia, and now William!

King County Photography Studio

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