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Airbnb Indian Wedding



In honor of Diwali yesterday I thought I’d hop back to 2020 to share this Airbnb Indian American Zoom wedding.

Meeka and Ryan rented a beautiful Airbnb in Bainbridge, Washington to host a small 2020 wedding with their closest family and just a few friends. Both being pediatricians, they were very cautious. Right before Meeka’s Mom and Dad were scheduled to fly into Washington, they both found they weren’t in well enough health to fly. They all stayed in beautiful spririts with a big Zoom set up at the ceremony.

Meeka’s parents were able to watch the entire ceremony, Facetime with Meeka while she got ready, and even gave toasts & speeches during the ceremony.

Given many unique conditions, everything turned out so perfectly from my perspective. The entire day was memorable and full of so much love from every one!

I think my favorite photos were Meeka’s getting ready photos. The way the light poured from the large window in the Airbnb bathroom was stunning and so many colorful details made for gorgeous photos.

Congratulations, Meeka & Ryan! According to my records, they celebrated their one year wedding anniversary just last month! I’m so happy to be circling back to sharing these beautiful memories.

Airbnb Indian Wedding

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