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Before Heading Home

I’m gearing up to head home after a way-too-fast week in Vegas. I feel like I could benefit from another week…and maybe next time, I’ll plan for that.

As a quick recap, I am in Vegas for the Wedding and Portrait Photographer’s International Competition and Conference. My main purpose in coming this year (My first time!) was to learn the best ways to enter the competition next year. What entries were dismissed, which ones made the judges give a standing ovation (only saw that once). What won Gold, what won Platinum. Why?

I’ll do a recap of what to expect and how to prepare for this event for my photographer readers later this or early next week, but for now, I just needed to write.

I hope you all know this is my favorite place to write. Unlimited by characters. I’ve always felt safe, here on the blog. Perhaps too safe at times.

I’ve shared the most personal peeks into my soul on this website. Here, I am not just a photographer, but a writer.

This website, is my digital HOME. I’ve built it like a house. Secret rooms and passage ways. Surprises for my favorites. Every major life lesson I know, written between the lines or displayed in photographs.

I’ve had a shift, my company(ies) have had a shift, and the website is about to have one, too.

I’m so excited to share the new direction as I’ve had quiet the breakthrough this week.

“What I am inspired by as a human, is not necessarily what I am inspired by as an artist.”

Jaclynn Wilkinson WPPI 2020 Breakthrough #2

New website coming soon…

Before Heading Home

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  1. Alexandra says:

    You know, I really can’t wait to see your studio!

  2. Maranda M Norton says:

    So proud of you going out and being the best photographer and business owner!

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