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Best Federal Way Wedding Photographer

When I first received the email that I had been nominated and won “Best Federal Way Wedding Photographer 2019” I was a little bummed. You see, in 2016 and 2017 I had a photography studio in Federal Way. I knew these awards were for small businesses operating out of a specific city. We no longer operate the studio out of Federal Way.

I sent a letter to the council and let them know I still conduct business in Federal Way often, but am legally registered in Edgewood, Washington now. I thought they would take the award back once they found out.

After reading my email they confirmed that I am indeed keeping the awarded status!

Now that it is officially official, I am so proud of this award. I worked my BUTT off in that Federal Way Studio. My career life was committed to this business in January 2017 when I purchased my “four figure” ring sitting on that studio floor.

I remember all the late winter nights I spent sitting by an electric fire place with my laptop until 2:00am.

I remember signing my contract to be a Federal Way business the day before thanksgiving in 2016 and itching to be there through the holiday. All of the newborns I shot in that studio, the cutest couple on Christmas Eve. The tears over my first online attack. The pride in so many “best gallery yet”!! moments.

My pipe dream became a career in Federal Way, Washington.

I still shoot in Federal Way often. In-fact, I just photographed an elopement there last weekend! A BIG BIG thank you to whomever nominated the studio. I didn’t even know we had been entered.

Tacoma/Seattle…we’re coming for you next. 😉

Best Federal Way Wedding Photographer

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