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Wilkinson Halloween 2019



I might be a little late to the party. However, I wrote out this blog post “Wilkinson Halloween 2019” in my phone about a week ago and am still determined to get it out.

Halloween has never been a thing Clynn and I got into. Our first Halloween as a couple, we dressed up like each other. I was bigger and he was smaller so we were the exact same jean size. After that, we never dressed up for a Halloween again.

Wilkinson Halloween 2019 was the first time I truly “got in the spirit” since I was 11 or 12 years old.

Our kiddos are definitely responsible for that. This year, our boys are 3 & 4. The first year they both knew well what Halloween was and picked out their costumes weeks in advance. 

In the past, we would make our annual trip to Walmart on Halloween to pick out costumes right before trick-or-treating. Pickings were slim but it was always enough for us! 

This year, they both knew exactly what they wanted to be. We had to order their costumes ahead of time to be sure they could dress up in what they wanted to pretend to be that day. 

Clynn and I had just learned about the power of presentation. We learned about the way we “dress up” to be ourselves and present ourselves every day. For the first time, I understood why people like dressing up to be someone or something else for a day. For some people, it’s about more than silly theatrics.

When James asked me what I was going to be (he never even asked Clynn), I didn’t have the heart not to say something fun. So, I did what any Mom would do. I picked a costume I knew I wouldn’t have to buy anything for. Black Cat! I had to laugh at the dozens of mom’s who dressed up like a black cat as I scrolled through my feed the next day. I see you. lol ♥

The boys loved watching me do my makeup. James was Dash from The Incredible’s and got offended every time someone thought he was Mr. Incredible. Lio was “Spidey” aka Spider Man. He ran around going “spew spew” with his wrists out for days. 

I couldn’t believe how much candy they gathered on just one block. We were expecting the boys to trick-or-treat for a couple hours, but their buckets were full and they were tired within 20 minutes.

I look forward to the days of strategizing with 7-8 year old boys with more stamina.  We’ll get there. 

Happy Halloween! 

Wilkinson Halloween 2019

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