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Busy Is Not A Badge Of Honor…



But don’t shame the busy.

You may have heard before, “Busy Is Not A Badge Of Honor”…but that same person probably didn’t say, “It’s okay if you like to be busy.”

Busy is not a badge of honor, no. But loving your job so much it doesn’t feel like work can be.

It’s okay to love to work. Not everyone WANTS a five hour work week. I’ve done so much internal work this month and regardless of my income, I know I’m happiest working a 30 (or so) hour work week!

My mind loves it, body craves it. My creativity needs it. Know what’s best for you and do your best to live it.

This does not mean I don’t take vacations/time off. If anything, it means I take more!

Work Hard, Play Hard. ♥

I don’t know that “balance” is achievable for longer than a week or so at a time. We’re always changing and growing as people. What worked as “well balanced” last week will be different next week, for most of us! I think that’s beautiful. I think this makes life interesting.

So work your heart out, lady…or stay in your comfs just a few hours longer. Sip coffee. Watch the treeline. Find someone amazing to play with your kiddos while you show them dreams don’t end with parenthood. Unplug earlier to be fully present with the people you love most.

DO WHATEVER FEELS RIGHT TO YOU WHEN IT FEELS RIGHT. Your desires are trustworthy. As long as you follow a heart you know is good. ♥

Sincerely, Jaclynn

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