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Designing Wedding Table Spreads



This, my amazing gracious brides, is a tough love SJP Bride Tip. I know it is one many brides are not wanting to hear in the age of Pinterest & DIY planning. Let’s talk Designing Wedding Table Spreads.

This is not a DIY blog post.

I wouldn’t advise you sew your own dress for the first time for your wedding day. Nor would I wouldn’t advise you build your own wedding venue. I wouldn’t advise you cook all your own food. Additionally, I am not going to tell you how to design the perfect table decor for your wedding reception!

Table design is an acquired skill and not something you are likely to throw together successfully with Pinterest inspiration alone. It might look great to someone who doesn’t know any different. However, professionally designed table spreads are the difference between Walmart & Chanel. I promise. It is well worth the investment to pull from your dress or catering budget for this service.

Not only will a professional wedding designer have THE BEST input and ideas because they’ve done this a gazillion times and likely invested in their education, THEY ALREADY HAVE OPTIONS! No, I’m not talking about “ideas”. I’m talking about a VARIETY of physical goods. Most (if not all) event designers have a stalk of props, tableware, candle holders, vases, linens, napkin rings, wine and drink glasses, ALL THE THINGS. They already HAVE them so you don’t have to buy them!

There is a chance, the money you would have spent purchasing your own, could have been spent renting from a professional designer with their professional input and help as well!

My favorite local event designers & event rentals are from:

Wonderstruck Event Design

Lipstick & Lattès Event Design & Rentals

Elegant Affairs

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