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Morning Routines Plus Manifestos



Good morning, friends! Who starts their day with coffee in jammies while checking their messages? I also do it right by my electric fire place and yes. It does feel too perfect to be true most mornings.
After checking my messages I read what my family knows to be my “manifesto” outloud. Two times.
It says how much money I proudly and rightfully make. It says how much vacation time I take and what my hobbies are. It says my husband is retired. It talks about my personal assistant, what my boys have available to them, and where we live.
I take these goals, or “vision” rather, into my work with me to be sure my daily choices align with my vision.
Since doing this, I’ve been tested but my energy has doubled. I stay on task like never before. When I find myself off-task or dwindling my life away dwelling on something unimportant, I look above my laptop to the nicest cursive I could muster (I have terrible handwriting) and read my manifesto again.
In the evening, I take a glance. I mentally highlight what in my manifesto is ALREADY TRUE. I mentally highlight what I got a little closer to today than yesterday. At the end, I read the most important line; “My family is happy, content, and So In Love.”
I challenge you to write your own manifesto. It sounds cheesy but only those who try, will know how much impact doing so can have on your life.
I’m friends with allot of life coaches. Like 10. Not intimately, but have been following them on social media through my entire entrepreneurial journey and they definitely know who I am. They’ve been telling me to do this for years and I only just started a couple of weeks ago! Don’t be like me. Take the time to write one out! Write it in pen so when you mess up, you have to write it again. I can only imagine how silly my manifesto from 2015 would look compared to my life today and how much faster I could have gotten here with clear direction.
So take out a notebook and pen. Get some scotch tape. Take your time. Write out your goals as if they were already true. Display your finished work in a place you will see and read it often. Make a habit of doing so. And DM me when it starts to change your life. ♥

Morning Routines Plus Manifestos

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