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Recently, The Studio was asked to provide a small segment to Redfin on Unique ways to display photos in your home.

I was asked to provide just 2-3 sentences for the Redfin Feature. I struggled a little with narrowing down the content. Here is what I had submitted.

Many families with young children display portraits above their couch, piano, or at adult eye level in their hallway. Children do not live at your eye level. Display images at your child’s level in their bedrooms and throughout your home! If you’re worried about the frames or canvas getting ruined, use double sided gorilla tape or blue sticky tack to adhere the print directly to the wall for safe child-friendly display! Children who see photos of themselves happy, with their family, have higher self esteems & establish a sense of belonging. 

Submitted to Redfin for publishing by Jaclynn Wilkinson Feb 16, 2021

My segment had to be cut a little shorter, which I understand. Though, I am sad it was the last sentence. Also, I understand it is a strong sentence that should come with references per….modern fact checker bull shit. I did the research for an Instagram post a while back. It came with socially acceptable research from Harvard or something. Though, it’s obviously true.

Check out the blog post collaboration feature with Redfin HERE.

My family and I are currently nomads. When we had a permanent address we displayed all photos in our kids bedrooms at their eye level. Did they get dirty? Yes. Ripped? You bet. Though, they saw them. Every day. They loved making new art and choosing prints for their walls. There was a special sense of pride with the images in their room, displayed at a level they could see. I strongly recommend doing this in your kiddos rooms!

In the studio, I have so many photos I love, framing them all would be an expensive mess! So, I just stick them collage style on the wall. I started with blue sticky tack and moved to double sided gorilla tape. The blue sticky stuff didn’t hold as well as I wanted long term. The gorilla tape will surly ruin the prints when I decide to take them down. Though, if you plan to not move them, it’s a great option!

Here is the gorilla tape I use in the studio & highly recommend!

Thank you, Redfin, for contacting The Studio & Print Lab as an industry professional on photo display.

Redfin Feature

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