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Site Stats 300 Blog Posts

Back on January 13, 2020 I wrote a Site Stats Blog Post at 200 posts. On January 24, 2019 I wrote the same at 100 posts. Today, on January 8, 2021 it is time to write my Site Stats at 300 Blog Posts! It appears as if I am consistently blogging about 100 posts a year. Hopefully, we can bring those numbers up this year!

Why do I do this?! In the same way a business owner will balance their books, I like to review the progress of the website regularly! This helps me focus my efforts intentionally and give the website a sort of physical to see how well it’s performing.


I also want to share with anyone looking, how quickly you can grow a blog but also how much work it may take! Compare Site Stats at each milestone and see what a difference is made with consistency.

The following are numbers for the life of my website

All Time Views: 20,236 (compared to 13,705 at 200 & 7,592 at 100)

Best ever views in 24 hours: 161 (Same as at 200 & 100 it was THIS POST if you’re curious. Lots of social love in that family! ♥)

Search Engine Referrers: 4,251 (compared to 1,671 at 200 & 443 at 100 posts)

Pinterest Referrers: 421 (compared to 84 at 200 & 22 at 100 posts)

Instagram Referrers: 687 (compared to 583 at 200 & 141 at 100 posts)

Facebook Referrers: 2,936 (compared to 2,667 at 200 & 2,042 at 100 posts)

I’m pretty proud of that report! My main focus on the most recent 100 blog posts was Search Engine Reach and Pinterest Reach. That certainly shows!

I did play around with Google Ads at one point in the last 100 blog posts. The campaigns were not wildly successful nor expensive (less than $500) but I do want to put that in here as a disclaimer. I hope to better use Google Ads Campaigns in the future.

Look at that Pinterest Growth, WOW! I did not run any ads on Pinterest. That is entirely organic, using Tailwind, and I am super stoked about that.

I am not on Facebook AT ALL. I have not so much as logged in in over a year now. Those numbers are 100% client and reader shares and I thank you so much for that! ♥

Future Goals:

Over the next 100 blog posts, I want to beat my “best views in 24 hours” number!! That has sat the same for FAR TOO LONG, friends.

I hope to Quadruple my search engine referrers and ten times my Pinterest referrers!

Let me know if you have any questions below! Refer to my previous two blog posts that may answer more questions, as well! 100 Posts & 200 Posts

Alright, friends. Let’s get ’em! Help this small business achieve our goals by pinning your favorite studio pins when you see them and sharing your favorite blog posts!

Until 400! Sincerely, Jaclynn

Site Stats 300 Blog Posts

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