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Back on January 24th, 2019, I published a blog post titled “Site Stats at 100 Blog Posts”. I was celebrating the websites 100th blog post when I got pulled into the stats the website had achieved up to that point. When publishing the post, I was most excited to compare numbers when I hit 200 blog posts. Now, I’m even more excited for 300! But for now, Let’s check out our site stats at 200 blog posts.

The site has come a long way in the last year. 100 more blog posts, a complete revamp of the home page and many Easter eggs carefully placed throughout. There are many pages not on the home navigation menu and I have so many more ideas to make the website a fun place to hang out in 2020.

The following numbers are for the life of my website.

All Time Views: 13,705 (compared to 7,592 at 100)

Best ever views in 24 hours: 161 (Same as at 100 it was THIS POST if you’re curious. Lots of social love in that family! ♥)

Search Engine Referrers: 1,671 (compared to 443 at 100 posts)

Instagram Referrers: 583 (compared to 141 at 100 posts)

Facebook Referrers: 2,667 (compared to 2,042 at 100 posts)

Pinterest Referrers: 84 (compared to 22 at 100 posts)

Leaving the 100 blog posts post, I declared Search Engine Referrers and Pinterest my biggest focus going into the next 100. I am damn proud of that Search Engine growth!!!

Search Engines have almost quadrupled, Pinterest has almost quadrupled while my blog post numbers have only doubled. That’s what I suspected, and what I wanted to see!

Since 100% leaving Facebook, my Instagram referrers have also quadrupled. I find that exciting considering I NEVER ACTUALLY POST TO INSTAGRAM!! Check out that account HERE. I share a daily vlog on Instagram stories and that’s it. Short and simple (most days). It’s the only social media I use as of now!

I did think my overall views would be higher, and that I definitely would have beat the “best in 24 hours”…but I’d trade that in a heartbeat for the search engine growth!!!


Search Engine Referrers from ORGANIC GROWTH are FREE!!! Just the set price of my hosting (like $35) and I can get as many inquiries as I earn. In 2019, The Studio spent $3,114.56 on paid leads. These are couples who need a photographer who contact an agency to connect them to the right photographer. (I use Thumbtack but allot of photographer’s use Wedding Wire, The Knot, or similar companies.) NOT FREE. I’m hoping to be completely weaned from this method of booking and operating 100% on free leads by 2021 or 2022! With these stats and recent evidence in my inbox, we are definitely headed in the right direction for that!

Until 300! Sincerely, Jaclynn

Site Stats at 200 Blog Posts

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  1. Anya says:

    Nice work!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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