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I am so excited to share the work from my three month long contract with Ice Cream Social in Tacoma, Washington. Ice Cream Social is a Hand Made Icecream company expanding quickly in Pierce County!

Several months ago, I was contacted by the owners of Ice Cream Social for ongoing commercial photography. We decided on a three month long contract to see if the partnership would go well for both of our companies. Whereas we loved working together, we ended the term deciding to go different ways. Due to the nature of ice cream, the window for work to be done was so tight each month. We had to ensure the ice cream would be fresh for the following month and ready to share fresh flavors on the first of each month. Because our family is nomadic, it was hard to ensure I could be in the Tacoma area every month during a very tight window for the new flavors to be photographed.

I passed the contract along to a wonderful photographer who has been in business many years with a photography studio basically neighboring Ice Cream Social. They’ve been working together wonderfully, since. That being said, I am still excited to share my series of work from my time with them.

Moving forward, I will be looking for commercial contracts that can be fulfilled at my studio in Milton, Washington rather than on-site of another business. I would love to work with a company that could drop off materials to be photographed within a few weeks. Also, one time events or campaigns like my work with Purple Mattress and USPS (link below photos).

My personal aesthetic in photographing food has been heavily inspired by the work found in Plum’s Cookbook. I was gifted this book by my nanny family back in 2013 before I ever considered being a photographer. I remember flipping through the pages in awe. It was the first “photography” that ever drew me to actual imagery (rather than music) as an artform.

Sounds silly, but this cookbook played a massive role in me becoming a photographer. I love the earthy tones, rich colors, and simplicity to keep the focus on the dish. It’s printed on matte paper but so sharp.

Without further adieu, I present, the March 2021 flavors of Hand Made Iceceam. Photographed by yours truly, created by Ice Cream Social.

Tacoma Hand Made Icecream

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