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The girl who does what she wants when she wants



Fun fact: your “dream life” is probably allot more work than you think. That dream car still needs maintained (even if you’re organizing someone else to organize that for you.) Your employees still need supported…more than just financially if you want to be a good boss.

The girl who does what she wants when she wants

Setting up a scenario in which someone else knows how to pack or clean for you is trial and error. Having the time to exercise everyday still requires you to hit the mat (or whatever that is for you) every day.
Doing only what you love may sound easy because “you love it”…it’s worth every effort to get here if you truly desire to only do what you want every day. But it’s NOT easy.

When you are free to pursue your dreams, the weight is heavy. It’s personal. You chose everything. The pressure is on. Learning is still hard. And you have so much more to lose. There are literal zero excuses to lean on.
Then, come from a lower middle class community and see if anyone can relate…you’ll want to find a new circle who can. (Hi, I’m Jaclynn.) and no one will be there for a while. Because you’re in the limbo of entrepreneurship.

One side thinks you’re a joke because you just started and the other thinks you already made it. Both fair perspectives.

When you do find people who relate, you’re all too busy trying to keep what you earned to actually lean on each other.

So the next time you pass the girl napping in first class with perfect pink hair on her way to Paris 😘…know she’s going alone. To work her ass off. Day and night. Because the weight of doing exactly what you want the way you want every day takes courage. She’s a warrior & a trail blazer. No path is easier. Just different. So so different.

Unless your dream life is to do nothing and sip fruity drinks in an infinity pool 24/7…then I 100% believe you can achieve that, too…🤷🏼‍♀️

The girl who does what she wants when she wants

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  1. Alexandra says:

    Lady boss Jaclynn! I adore your drive! And like I’ve said before, you’re so motivating!

  2. Maranda M Norton says:

    I’ve taken some responsibility lately in becoming the boss and maintaining everything else in life. It’s tough and I get to see my mom’s end of it of pursuing her business and working long hours, maintaining her work outs and still keeping her life together.


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