Seven Days of Photojournalism

Alright. Here’s the scoop on the 24/7 7 Day Challenge I completed yesterday. Seven Days of Photojournalism.

Every morning I meditate for about 20-50 minutes. Part of that meditation is me asking for inspired action. When I feel inspired to do something during my meditation, I take it very seriously.

One day during my meditation, I felt inspired to carry my camera on me in the same fashion I did in the Army with my M249 Machine Gun. 24/7 Non-Stop, by my side no matter what I was doing. For instance, Eating, sleeping, on a date, running an errand, etc. Whatever I did, wherever I went, the camera was never more than a couple feet from my hand for one full week.

Having done this several times before for months at a time with a weapon, I knew it was possible and that it would become second nature for me quickly.

The universe spoke the challenge and I did it.

Contrary to popular belief, it didn’t mean I fired the shutter constantly. It just meant that I COULD. If I needed/wanted to in a seconds notice.

Half of the challenge is just allowing an item I rely on to become an extension of my body. A part of me. It wasn’t about shooting allot, but my hand and my body moving with a camera body as if it were a part of me.

Think of it like you would your wedding/engagement ring. Doesn’t it feel weird when you forget it for a day? Or maybe, you can’t even imagine not wearing it for a day….that’s what I was working towards but with my camera.

At first I only felt inspired to photograph food…

One of my favorites from the week is this black and white of Shiitake Mushrooms.
If I had to do a large print to display somewhere, I think I’d pick this one.
It took 3-4 shots to get the right settings for this image.
I had to play with distance and fstop to get as much in focus as I wanted.
Mom, Take a picture of me!
Wait, Dad’s Home?!
Did you say Dad’s Home?!
The best/most photo-journalistic image I took the entire challenge above. So much tension.
4000 ISO f1.8 1/200
Lio ran to me after he heard me snap this photo to see it, then ran back to snuggle dad with his face more visible 100% on his own desire.
Dancing circles around me.
Mom, take my picture with Marshall, but just one time! (one click only)
Saturday Christmas at Grandma & Pop-pop’s
Train kits with Pop-pop
1250 4.0 1/60
1600 2.8 1/50
25600 1.6 1/3200

I have theories about shutter speed and iso, ambient light, and available light overall…this is me playing around with this concept. I will definitely play with this hunch I have more with a model soon. In short, I think if you bump your iso way up to have a fast shutter speed in a light rich area you’ll have a higher quality image than a bumped iso in a low light area meaning that one should feel comfortable with the quality of an image in a light rich zone with a high iso in ways that they don’t with less light with the same iso. In this situation I was also thinking about ambient artificial light effecting my shadows with an equal amount of natural light in my highlights.

I was thinking about canceling out my shadows for a clean white balance.

something accomplished with a faster shutter speed. My hope is that you can have a super fast shutter speed to clean up a muddy ambient light and still have a quality image when you have equal amounts of natural light but still need a high iso to expose properly….However higher iso lets in more of that muddy light so there’s going to have to be a proper balance on the two extremes….I don’t know what I’m talking about yet but I know I’m onto something….just wait a couple months.

Redondo Des Moines, Wa
Lio made this gingerbread man then carried him around like an action figure all day.
Brunch with my sis
a snap after a powerful and memorable meditation
Ended the challenge on day 7 with this snap that represents my first exercise in preparation for WPPI competitions. You’ll see more of it eventually.

The exercise was definitely inspired. I did get more comfortable with my camera. I had new valuable thoughts and captured some really sweet moments. I’ll definitely make this a regular practice.

Seven Days of Photojournalism

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