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Our little family has been on mountain adventures about ten times this summer! Every open weekend it’s, “Want to go to the mountains?” “YES.” This is my summer falling head over heals for the Pacific Northwest. I learned I love Washington when I returned home from my travels in Central America five or six years ago but this summer, I actually took the time to explore. There is so much more I want to see in Washington, but we did pretty well this summer!

Twin Falls had been on my “To Visit” list for the last couple months. It was a GREAT hike for our kiddos! Not so dangerous I was anxiety stricken but challenging. It would have been easy for Clynn and I…except we each carried a toddler on the way down. We didn’t go all the way to the top but very close. A few steps back down Jamie lied in the middle of the trail. “I’m going to take a nap now.” Everyone passing by was laughing like crazy. He’s the cutest. When we got to our second stop on the way down, he pulled out the mat from a wagon we stashed on the way up, laid it by the river, and took a little rest. I know my fellow Moms can agree; tiring out your three year old is a great accomplishment!

I definitely recommend Twin Falls as a family friendly trail. There are a couple minor drop offs so don’t let them run too far ahead. I also LOVE it as an Engagement shoot location! The hike would be pretty easy if we had no diaper bag, wagon, or young kiddos. Just be sure to bring walking shoes and dress shoes!

Family Update:

Clynn is killing it at work! We’ve both had our most graceful “busy season” yet. He has spent an hour or so a day working in our home garden. He’s really showing a knack for small scale agriculture! We’ve been enjoying home grown corn, peppers, tomatoes, and jalapenos stirred into rice or cooked over a fire all summer!

I have been loving on all of my brides & Mommas. I’m taking much more time to enjoy the weather with my family. I’ve also had a blast learning to work my new side hustle with Sincerely Jaclynn Beauty. I also took up Hot Yoga again this summer! I haven’t felt this healthy in TWO YEARS! I was still a bit too busy to meet my “90 classes in 90 days” goal, but hitting the mat more regularly again was worth shooting for the stars.

Jamie had so much fun this summer at two tumbling class camps with The Little Gym. We are excited to try soccer, martial arts, and/or swim next! He got his first styled haircut this summer! He’s a social butterfly and loves playing with “his friends” (ie any kid he comes across anywhere). This kid is SO READY for Pre-K. He’s now three and a half years old!

Leo‘s vocabulary has quadrupled this summer! He had a slow start but now streams three words on the regular. He recently learned how to climb out of his crib (something James didn’t learn for nearly 3 years). He likes to climb into bed and wake us all up with happy squeals at 2am. Leo’s pretty proud of his new trick. He LOVES his train toys and links the track together like a pro. He turns TWO in less than two weeks!

This summer has been so great for our family. We are excited for the next season’s chapter but sad to see the adventure weather go!

I’m making a mini album with these photos. Keep an eye out on my Instagram Stories or Facebook for the live flip through! I’m a total album addict these days. ♥


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