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Wilkinson Fall Roundup



Below is our Wilkinson Fall Roundup of photos from the home DSLR. At home, we keep a Canon Rebel T6i with a 24mm 2.8 pancake lens for any one to use at anytime ready to go. (Including James, Lio, and our home employee!).

Quick explanation of our home set-up: Many would argue I should have a 50mm 1.8 on that camera, HOWEVER. For quick home photography on a camera we let our 3 and 4 year old use, the 24 gives us the width lost from the crop sensor and it’s “Pancake” quality keeps it tucked in close and safe to the camera body. The 24mm is the same price as the “nifty fifty” and has macro abilities which is fun for when the kiddos want to photograph a flower, water drops, or bugs.

Last month, Clynn and I took a master class by Annie Leibovitz. She changed the way we view the work that we do here at the studio.

I’ve tried putting the ways we were effected into words many times now…but I can’t. I really can’t.

The end result, however? We take more photos of the things that matter most to us. We’re using photography more in our every day lives.

This fall has been so bitter sweet. We had THE BEST summer of our lives. Leaving it in the past was hard on us all. We’re all open to having the best winter ever, too. ♥

I pretty much just took the images of James playing games in the dark in black and white. Most of these images were taken by Jeanlynn, James, and Clynn!

I excluded photos from Thanksgiving and will blog those later this coming week. 🙂 Fall 2019 has been good to us.

Wilkinson Fall Roundup

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