Corgi Engagement Photos

The more casual portion of this engagement session is included HERE in a previous post. In addition, I wanted to create another blog post with their more formal portion! I most typically welcome my couples to choose one or two outfits.

Their little Corgi named Ein (as in Einstein) is SO CUTE! I wanted to make sure he made it in the title. Now, future and current couples know I am 100% dog friendly! Check out this other engagement session with Rocco & this one with Java!

These portraits were taken on a private property on Lake Tapps. I’m fairly certain all property surrounding Lake Tapps is private or I would be using it as a regular portrait session location!

I love when couples welcome me to their homes or family homes for portrait sessions. It’s so special when a portrait location has meaning and memories with a couple!

If your session location does not hold previous meaning, I hope it does now! Go back to where your portraits were taken for anniversary photos or a date night.

Clynn and I love walking the same wall at Burfoot Park that we did when we were engaged taking photos in our matching Puma Sneakers and hoodies. We’re so grateful our couples have better fashion sense than we did!

Enjoy these cute Corgi Engagement Photos, Melissa, Ryan, and the most beautiful Lake Tapps Setting.

Corgi Engagement Photos

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