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On my mind: Custom Cropping & Exposure.

I’m in the studio almost every day.

I can’t wait to get a model in here. I’m seriously dying. I can’t keep focus from a distance to practice lighting on myself. It takes SO LONG to make adjustments after every shot running to the camera and back. It’s nearly comical…

No. It is comical.

I should probably make a video.

Here, I was using the face of a soft-box as a fill/reflector just a couple feet from my face. I’m excited to get a reflector on a grip so I can use silver for more punch.

I’m thinking in two directions lately.

Custom cropping & absolutely no cropping.

Two of these images have a custom crop and one of them has zero crop.

Can you guess which one has no crop?

Exposure. I need to figure out white point and a calibrated brightness for my computer screen. The Studio’s screen is calibrate color regularly, but exposure is a new monster to me. I don’t even know if my laptop supports white point calibration. We’ll find out soon….It’s driving me nuts.

Also, every time I shoot in studio I wind up pulling my exposure on my custom preset up to +1.7 or so in post. I don’t like that. Preferably, I don’t want more than a 0.8ish on there….but who knows what else an in-camera exposure adjustment will effect. I know some of the things but not enough. I like underexposing but that’s too much. Is it? I need to know how the slider effects my image file and look. What happens if you have to raise the exposure too much in post? Does it really hurt anything? Surly it does…but I must know why and where.

We all know clipping highlights is a shame that results in, most cases, a completely unusable image. Clipping the wrong blacks? Well…that will kill you at WPPI.

Yes, I’m using my histogram. I think the issue might be negated simply by having my own face behind the camera rather than in front of it. I also predict it may be an issue with my preset given the specific shooting situation. Again, we’ll find out soon…

In the Studio

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