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Monte Cristo Ballroom



Angel and James’ wedding at the Monte Cristo Ballroom was a big family affair! Every one was so happy celebrating, dancing, and dining in the beautiful Ballroom!

I first met Angel, James, and baby Aria at Anthem Coffee & Tea downtown Puyallup just a couple of weeks before the wedding! Aria was just 2-3 weeks old! In their new baby-glow they talked about their wedding, family, and how ready they were to get married! ♥

On the morning of the wedding, we met at a hotel near the Ballroom for getting ready photos. I do this often and always encourage my couples to have this time documented! It allows the completed wedding album to tell the full story of your wedding day from beginning to end!

After getting ready photos, I met James and the groomsmen at the Monte Cristo Ballroom! James was helping finish the flowers on the isle. Family and friends were all hands in making final touches.

I had wanted to photograph at this Ballroom since I first found it in a late night deep Google dive for some new “bucket-list” venues in Washington.

The reason why I picked the Monte Cristo Ballroom to put on that list was because of their big open ceremony ballroom, beautiful bridal suite, fun grooms suite, and their all inclusive business structure. The ballroom does in-house catering, has their own wedding dress shop, a gorgeous Bar and lounge separate from the party (but right next to!). Most importantly, they include clean up so friends and family can go home at the end of the day instead of staying behind to clean!

Their food was AMAZING. So good. The staff was insanely attentive. They had the most readily-available-to-help team I had ever seen at a wedding venue! Part way through the day, their on-site staff cycled for fresh faces and workers so no one helping was ever too exhausted to be present and ready!

I loved all of the big mirrors, private spaces, venue owned and operated photo booth, and happy friends and family!

Everyone was so happy. I do have to say, these are some of my favorite big group photos I’ve ever taken. Everyone was so polite and awesome to work with on a time crunch as we got our big group shots before dinner!

We made it out for a stroll around the venue right at sunset to capture Angel & James’ wedding portraits. I always love that time with my couples!

Thank you to Angel, James, their amazing parents and bridal party, and to the Monte Cristo Ballroom for throwing such a wonderful celebration of love!

Monte Cristo Ballroom

Angel & James

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  1. Angel says:

    Omg Jaclynn these pictures are beautiful!!! We had so much fun working with you!!!! Hopefully we can get together again in the future!!! Our whole family couldn’t get over how amazing you are!!!

    • Jaclynn Wilkinson says:

      Thank you so much, Angel! I’m so so happy you love the photos and hope to see you at mini sessions in the future for sure! ♥

  2. James McGlynn says:

    Thank you for such amazing pictures and getting the finished prints done so quickly. You went so far beyond any expectation that Angel and I had, both in the pictures and with all of the amazing help you provided in the wedding preparations. Once again thank you for everything!!!

    • Jaclynn Wilkinson says:

      Yay! I’m so happy you had a great experience. Looking forward to seeing your and Angel’s favorites!

  3. Kat says:

    She was super accommodating to all of our last minute changes in the scheduling, and still managed to do a great job in getting all of the pictures the couple had hoped to get during their special day.

  4. Pat McGlynn says:

    These pictures came out incredible! Thank you Jaclynn for capturing what a great wedding it was

  5. Kathy McGlynn says:

    The pictures are absolutely beautiful

  6. Mac McGlynn says:

    Honey you were great anyone’s lucky to get you to shoot there Special events or weddings
    You really took wonderful photos and have all the patience in the world.

  7. Kym MCGlynn says:

    The wedding was so beautiful and these pictures captured Angel and James’s love for each other and their families perfectly.

  8. Sareli Galaviz says:

    I’m in awe of these beautiful photos. Thank you Jaclyn for capturing such precious moments! You’re so sweet & talented!

  9. Lino Alcala says:

    Thank you Jaclyn, Awesome job capturing the right moments at Angels and James wedding. Your work is great.


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