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Tin Shed Tiny House



Oh my goodness. Favorite airbnb yet. The Tin Shed Tiny House is so much of what I want in my own tiny house some day!

When you first enter the door there is this little bar with beautiful white leather bar stools (with back rests!). I love the touch the host made of picking some greenery and a flower from the garden right outside. It went to show you don’t have to spend money on flowers to have beautiful fresh cut greenery in your home and I even preferred the truly local touch.

This Airbnb has everything you could possibly need for a two night stay. I went out for dinner on Saturday night, but I definitely didn’t have to! There was plenty of Muesli with brown sugar, almonds, raisins, salt, and a hot water boiler. The host, Keri, also left out a couple of my favorite breakfast/snack bars (coincidence!). Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar if you’re curious. 😉 The blueberry ones are the best!

Typically, I bring a bag of my own food from Trader Joe’s when I stay in an airbnb, but having come straight from a wedding in Everett to my stay in Olympia around midnight, I didn’t have the time. I was so happy to be able to wake up Saturday and have plenty of complimentary healthy food in the house to be able to get straight to work.

There was also plenty of Coffee and a French Press!!!

I didn’t get to spend much time on the grounds of the property as I was busy getting together the sneak peek gallery from the day before wedding, but it is beautiful. There’s a hammock and two decks that would be wonderful for relaxing. The hosts also encourage foraging in the garden for any in season goodies.

THE SHOWER!!!! You may not know this about me, but a good shower will 100% dictate whether I return to an airbnb or not and whether my stay was AMAZING or just so-so. There was on demand hot water (I think. I take really long showers and never ran out of hot water!). It is a walk in shower so no feeling boxed in. I loved that you could turn on the water without having to go in the shower. This shower model is DEFINITELY something I will keep in my back pocket for my own tiny house some day. It was truly phenomenal and the reason I will be back for sure.

My second biggest plus to this tiny house stay was the ability to stand up in the loft. The loft is where I thought I would do most of my work, as there is a nice small desk up there, but I found myself drawn to the bar instead.

Another quick note on the bar downstairs: My laptop is just about as big as laptops get. I’ve never seen one bigger. It fits VERY comfortably on the breakfast bar downstairs with room for my coffee, mouse, external hard drive, a plate, and a glass of water. It is a great size!

Two could certainly sleep just fine in here. There was PLENTY of bedding. Tons of extra bedding and I never needed any of it. Maybe in the winter I would!

THE FLOORS ARE HEATED. There is a thermostat in the bathroom connected to the floor heating.

My least favorite thing about this tiny house is the ladder. It is honestly terrifying. Definitely not young child or elderly friendly. Only plan on staying here if you are relatively coordinated and fit. I understand the give and take as it allows for so much more usable space in the tiny house.

The closet piece was VERY functional! I was able to hang my hoodies and my dresses for my two weddings. They also looked so cute on display. I’ll definitely want a little closet space like this one some day.

The tiny house has a coded gate entrance, and a coded key lock box. I felt very safe on this property and self check in in the middle of the night was a breeze!

The Tin Shed Tiny House is definitely a place I will be returning to some day! I love saying that…but there are still so many fun Airbnb’s to try. We’ll see!

At the end of my stay I had trouble getting the key lock box back in place. I shot Keri a quick message letting her know I was having trouble and she was there to help me in just a few minutes!

Check out some cute photos. View the $90/night listing HERE!

Use THIS LINK to book your very first stay on Airbnb for $40 off!

Tin Shed Tiny House

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